What is System Mechanic?

System Mechanic is a PC optimization tool that works to improve your computer’s overall speed and performance with a single click.

Computers require cleaning and servicing, just like your car does. They may begin to run poorly and even break down if not maintained. You maintain your car because of the large investment you have in it, and you should maintain your computer just as carefully.

Maintaining your PC is difficult, if not downright impossible, without the right tools. Unfortunately, not all maintenance tools are included with the operating system. System Mechanic solves this problem with its complete collection of tools that keep your system running smoothly, quickly, and error free.

For more information about the kinds of tools System Mechanic uses to optimize your PC, click here.

What versions of Windows is System Mechanic compatible with?

System Mechanic is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

How many computers can I use System Mechanic on?

System Mechanic can be used on unlimited PC computers in your home with the compatible Windows versions.

How often should I use it?

It is up to your own discretion how much you want to use System Mechanic! However, a good benchmark to follow would be to use System Mechanic in conjunction with running a Fix Me Stick scan. Since the Fix Me Stick doesn’t scan the registry, running System Mechanic after running your monthly scan can ensure a deeper and more comprehensive clean of your operating system.

What is my activation key?

Your activation key is a 25 digit alphanumeric code that is used to identify your subscription when you download the product onto your system. Once you’ve purchased System Mechanic, you will receive 2 emails: 1) a receipt to confirm your purchase and 2) an activation email. Either one of these emails will have your activation key.

Does it work on Mac computers or smartphones?

Unfortunately, System Mechanic is only currently compatible with Windows operating systems.

What are the features of System Mechanic?

System Mechanic is a performance solution that first deploys a series of complex automated maintenance actions to help keep your PC stable and clutter-free, and then goes to work by precision-tuning dozens of internet, processor, memory, and hard drive settings in real time for maximum system speed and performance.